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Data Contract

Category: Definitions
Status: Proposed


What do we mean when we say a data contract?


A data contract is a formal agreement between two parties (data product provider and data product consumer). It specifies the guarantees about a provided data set and expectations concerning data product access.

It covers:


Name Value
Data Product Provider Domain Team: Checkout
Data Product: Webshop Orders
Data Product Owner: Nicky Cree (
Output Port: bigquery_orders_latest_npii_v1
Data Product Consumer Domain Team: Controlling
Responsible contact: Aubrey Harlow (
Purpose Build a demand forecasting model
Service-level objectives Interval of change: Continuous streaming
Latency: < 60 seconds
Completeness: All orders since 2020-01-01T00:00:00Z
Freshness: Near real time, max. 60 seconds delay
Availability: 99.9%
Performance: Query all orders of last 12 months < 30 seconds
Data volume: 5,000-10,000 orders per day expected, ~50 KiB / order
Terms Max queries per minute: 10
Max data processing per day: 1 TiB
Pub/Sub subscriptions
Security IAM service-account:
Costs and Billing Implementation and operational costs are covered by the checkout domain until 2023-12-31.
Start date 2023-04-01
End date  
Notice Period 3 months
Next reassessment date 2024-04-01